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ESCRYPT Opens New Headquarters in Waterloo Region

One year after opening its Canadian headquarters in Waterloo Region, ESCRYPT (ETAS Embedded Systems Canada Inc.), a leading provider of cyber security solutions and services for the Internet of Things (IoT), is pleased to announce the expansion of their operations into a 11,000 square foot newly renovated facility at 419 Phillip Street in Waterloo.
The move to this new location follows closely with ESCRYPT’s acquisition of TrustPoint Innovation Technologies, Ltd. TrustPoint Innovation was founded in 2012 by Dr. Scott Vanstone, a renowned cryptographer, and Sherry Shannon-Vanstone. In acquiring the Waterloo-based company earlier this year, ESCRYPT boosted their technical expertise in Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) as well as gaining expert knowledge in designing security credential management solutions for IoT applications.  
“With our recent acquisition of TrustPoint Innovations and our plans to continue to grow in the immediate future, it made sense to locate in Waterloo and find a location that we could make our own,” says David MacFarlane, General Manager of ESCRYPT in Canada. “The decision to open our Canadian headquarters in Waterloo Region was based on the area’s reputation and culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.”
Attracted by the unique cutting-edge technology, entrepreneurial ecosystem, and strengths in security, the decision to locate in Waterloo Region in 2016 played an important role in ESCRYPT’s global expansion. The new facility will allow for expanded operations to further improve ESCRYPT’s development and consulting capabilities and strengthen its position as a provider of innovative cyber security solutions for IoT. The new location is within walking distance to the University of Waterloo, which has proven to be an important source for attracting new talent and houses research facilities that offer opportunities for collaborations.
“We’re thrilled to welcome ESCRYPT to their new home in Waterloo Region,” says Tony LaMantia, President and CEO of Waterloo EDC. “The growth of ESCRYPT is a testament to the strength of their business and the globally significant security cluster in our community. We look forward to continuing to support ESCRYPT as they grow in the months and years ahead.”
“ESCRYPT is a real success story and I congratulate and thank them for continuing to grow their business while remaining headquartered in Waterloo” said Mayor Dave Jaworsky. “This community is a recognized leader in technology, innovation and cyber security. ESCRYPT is a contributor to this reputation and we’re excited to see their success continue today and into the future.”
“We are very excited about the future of our company. Connected technology is changing the world. In a few short years, vehicles, our cities, and our homes will all be connected. The need for security will only grow,” says MacFarlane. “I’m looking forward to playing a significant role in shaping these changes. Our new space, as well as the support, innovation, research, and talent we can access right here in Waterloo region will help us achieve our goals.”



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