• Automotive-qualified security software stack

    Automotive-qualified security software stack

    ESCRYPT offers CycurHSM 2.x version with additional features now. CycurHSM meets all OEM security requirements and has been deployed successfully on millions of cars.

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  • ESCRYPT wins Cybersecurity Leader Award (CLA)

    And the winner is...

    ESCRYPT wins Cybersecurity Leader Award (CLA) for building up a comprehensive range of solutions and services for IT security in connected vehicles.

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  • Security on 16 pages

    Security on 16 pages

    Can online blackmailers take vehicles in hostage? How can hybrid V2X communication be secured homogeneously? What are the benefits of hardware-assisted IT security in the car? The ESCRYPT Security Special gives answers.

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  • automotivesecurity

    Automotive Cyber Security

    ESCRYPT provides suitable solutions for holistic automotive security – from the security risk analysis during the development phase up to secure software updates over the air.

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  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention

    Intrusion Detection and Prevention

    ESCRYPT’s Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solution provides reliable protection against cyber-attacks during the entire life cycle of vehicles.

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ESCRYPT's Holistic Approach to Embedded Security

We make embedded systems and IoT applications safe and secure by taking a holistic approach to ensure that Security and Trust
are established and maintained throughout the system‘s life cycle.

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Embedded security is a fascinating field characterized by new technologies in a fast-growing future market. The challenges in our field are evolving very quickly, so we have to make sure our products and solutions are always at the cutting edge of technological development.


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