Automotive Fuzzing

Unmasking hidden security risks

Streamed on
14 Dec 2021
1 hour
Joe Cusumano, North America Sales Director, Automotive Cyber Security, and John McShane, Sr. Automotive Security Tester

Automotive software developers know how their systems react to valid inputs. But what happens if untypical or invalid inputs are given? Using fuzz tests, ESCRYPT’s testing experts have observed a wide variety of reactions up to and including the sudden crash of safety-relevant ECUs. Fuzzing is a powerful testing technique to check the robustness of tested systems and unmask hidden security risks in automotive systems.

In this webinar, ESCRYPT security testing experts Joe Cusumano and John McShane will give an introduction to automotive-specific fuzzing. They will discuss the vulnerabilities that can be detected by fuzzers, the limits of fuzzing, and evaluation criteria for finding a suitable and sound fuzzing tool.


Why fuzz testing?
Strengths and weaknesses
Automotive specific fuzz test requirements
Evaluation criteria for fuzz test tools


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