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    Automotive penetration testing

    Connected, highly automated mobility calls for higher IT security standards in the vehicle. Penetration testing is a popular and proven way to verify the security of in-vehicle networks or ECUs.

Pentesting: practical security testing from the attacker‘s point of view

Penetration testing, often called pentesting for short, is one of the most common and most effective methods for testing the effectiveness of protective measures and identifying unknown security gaps. Working from the attacker’s point of view, the testing experts discover weak points and possible execution errors, which may be caused by faulty technical implementation, deviations from the security concept, or problematic interactions among system or third-party components.

In the automotive sector, automotive penetration tests are typically used to test individual ECUs, several ECUs in a network, or even complete vehicle platforms. ESCRYPT’s pentesters simulate cyberattacks on automotive systems and identify potential security gaps.

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