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    AUTOSAR security consulting service

    AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is the standard middleware for most vehicle platforms and widely approved and accepted in the automotive industry. AUTOSAR Classic and AUTOSAR Adaptive already offer a range of useful security modules. However, correctly using these security modules can pose various challenges. ESCRYPT’s AUTOSAR security consulting service supports you in fully harnessing the potential of AUTOSAR.

On the way to connected, automated driving, the number of security-relevant in-vehicle functions is increasing. This means it is becoming more important than ever to have more elaborate security measures and a high security level in place for vehicle platforms.

AUTOSAR for holistic vehicle protection
AUTOSAR has extended its security portfolio by more and more components and nowadays incorporates various security applications, making it the ideal technological answer to the increasing security requirements. ESCRYPT’s AUTOSAR security consulting service provides expertise in securing vehicles using existing AUTOSAR modules and supports customers bringing their own features into AUTOSAR.


AUTOSAR as enabler for the UN-R 155
AUTOSAR enables an adequate solution for regulations like UN-R 155 and paves the way for implementing the new security requirements relevant to type approval. See our whitepaper and webinar on this topic for further information.

Our expertise
ESCRYPT has successfully completed numerous projects with various OEMs and Tier1s regarding AUTOSAR security consulting. ESCRYPT’s parent company ETAS has been a member of the AUTOSAR consortium for many years.


Available AUTOSAR security building blocks

AUTOSAR incorporates various security applications, for instance for securing in-vehicle communication and for protecting confidential data. However, due to their different architectures, AUTOSAR Classic and AUTOSAR Adaptive offer partly identical and partly different security applications.

  • Crypto stack for access to cryptographic primitives and key management
  • Secure communication via TLS, IPSec and SecOC
  • Secure diagnostic access via the UDS services 0x27 (Secure Access) and 0x29 (Authentication)
  • Access protection to critical resources via Identity & Access Management
  • Detection and reporting of security events via IdsM
  • Secure updates of individual applications or the whole platform
  • Authenticated software by continuing the chain of trust within Trusted Platform
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