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Production Key Server

PKS for your production facility

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Secure (remote) diagnosis

Access secured

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Secure boot for operating systems

Booting under the protection of algorithms – with signed software

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Secure feature activation

Integrated solution

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Secure LoRaWAN Communication

Life cycle key management for LoRaWAN networks

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Secure machine/device communication

ESCRYPT’s solution for secure M2M communication

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Security test consulting Finding the best security testing strategy Flyer English
Security Testing als Nagelprobe für vernetzte Fahrzeuge

Automotive Security auf dem Prüfstand

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Security testing as acid test for connected vehicles

Putting automotive security to the test

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Security Testing Services

Security Testing

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Security trainings

Standard security trainings and coaching

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Software lifecycle protection

Stringent controls when installing software

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UN 사이버보안 법규 충족을 위한 AUTOSAR

형식 승인을 위한
E/E 아키텍처 설계 및 변경

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UNECE Regulations on Cybersecurity and Software Updates Document English
Using AUTOSAR to achieve UNECE-compliant cybersecurity

Developing and retrofitting E/E architectures to obtain type approval

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V2X Security

Security in Hybrid Vehicular Communication based on ITS-G5, LTE-V, and Mobile Edge Computing

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Vehicle Security Operations Center Product Flyer English

Feasible attack paths and effective protection against ransomware in modern vehicles

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ISO 9001:2015