How to manage cybersecurity maturity in your supply chain

Webinar from Mitratech and ESCRYPT

Streamed on
04 Oct 2022
Karl Viertel, General Manager GRC at Mitratech, and Marc Oliver, Project Manager at ESCRYPT

As local and global automotive cybersecurity regulations, standards, and guidelines increase in complexity, organizations are recognizing the need for an integrated product security maturity model. Product security impacts the entire organization and supply chain, which is why assessing cybersecurity maturity levels within your supply chain are more critical than ever.

Join the webinar "How to manage cybersecurity maturity in your supply chain" from Mitratech and ESCRYPT! In this expert discussion on cybersecurity maturity in the automotive industry, you will learn how to measure product security throughout the supply chain lifecycle and beyond using ESCRYPT's PROOF cybersecurity maturity model and Mitratech's Alyne GRC platform.

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