• How we work

    How we work


The ESCRYPT brand promise

The three keywords describe the guideline
of our daily activity:


is the objective and standard of what we do. Our activities and IT security solutions protect networked, highly automated vehicles and mobility services and help provide a sound basis for mobility of the future.


is the basis of our cooperation with you. As your trusted partner, we offer serious consulting and reliable IT security solutions. Your customers can thus be confident that they have the best possible protection against cyber attacks when they use your products and services.


is what we promise you. The successful protection of your products, offers and business model is our precept. With constant innovation and a wealth of IT security know-how, we are committed to your success.

Die Herausforderung



Due to the constantly increasing complexity of vehicles, their individual components and increasing connectivity, in the last few decades the risk of cyber attacks has increased many times over. Nowadays, cyber security is one of the greatest challenges in the automotive sector. Possible gateways for hackers are not only the networked vehicle itself and its elements, but also, e.g. the cloud services of the automobile manufacturers and suppliers. The complete function chain across development, production and the utilization of vehicles can be targeted.

ESCRYPT shield

Our approach to a solution


We see the whole picture

We develop security solutions that cover the entire embedded system, including all its components and interfaces to infrastructure. Moreover, we support our customers at every stage of the product lifecycle: starting with the design phase, continuing through development, production, and operation, right up to the system’s end of life. This is the only way to guarantee full and thorough protection against attacks. And finally, we provide comprehensive advice and training to assist our customers as they integrate security processes and functions into their existing structures.

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