• Automotive Cyber Security

    Automotive Cyber Security

    Wherever you look, digitalization is on the advance – and the automobile is no exception. Pure mechanics are a thing of the past; subsystems that used to be largely isolated are becoming increasingly connected through distributed vehicle functions and are already moving into the cloud.

However, the result of these developments – and constant internet connectivity – is a sharp rise in potential threats.

Software, data, and functions must be protected against unauthorized access and manipulation.

Digitalization and connectivity offer exciting opportunities for automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers – but if they are to take advantage of them, the security of the technologies employed must be guaranteed.

Automotive Cyber Security

ESCRYPT is a pioneer and today the technological leader in providing holistic automotive cyber security solutions. For more than a decade, the automotive and commercial vehicle sector has put its trust in our expertise. That expertise stems both from our proximity to international research and from our long years of experience in large-scale production and pre-development along the entire value chain.

We know the automotive industry’s particular requirements when it comes to quality and cost efficiency, as well as the specific needs that arise from individual application scenarios and from vehicle development and production processes. As a result, we offer risk-appropriate, innovative, and robust security products and solutions that have proven themselves over the years in millions of vehicles.

CycurLIB on board millions of Volkswagen vehicles

For many years now, ESCRYPT has partnered with Volkswagen in the design and implementation of innovative security solutions. The automotive manufacturer from Wolfsburg has come to rely on our longstanding experience and industry expertise in a range of research and advance development activities.

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