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    Smart Cities

    A smart city is a vision that integrates information and communication technology with Internet of Things (IoT) technology to better manage a city’s assets to improve the life of citizen’s within the city. Vehicle-To-Infrastructure (V2I) communications allows signalized intersection and roadside signs to enhance driver awareness and has the potential to significantly improve traffic safety and mobility while reducing environmental impacts on the roads. V2I, which is part of the overall vehicle to everything (V2X) concept, is an emerging technology that can greatly enhance the safety and interactive capabilities of vehicles and roadside infrastructure.

The Need for Security

The interconnectivity of V2X infrastructure also opens up new vulnerabilities — unauthorized users and hackers can get in, tamper with the collected data, access personal information, and do harm through control of equipment and processes. Without security, data collected cannot be trusted, the citizen’s privacy cannot be guaranteed, and automated capabilities are not possible. Fortunately, security technologies exist and can be applied to alleviate these concerns.

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How to Secure V2X Communications

ESCRYPT has been leading the effort in securing V2X communications. As technical security experts for several international V2X pilot projects, ESCRYPT has been helping to define the specifications around the Security Credentials Management System (SCMS), the security infrastructure behind V2X.

A Holistic Approach to Securing Smart Cities

At ESCRYPT, we take a holistic approach to security to ensure security and trust is established and maintained throughout the application life cycle. In doing so, we make embedded systems and V2X applications in Smart Cities safe and secure. ESCRYPT has specialized in the development and implementation of large scale security solutions that can protect millions of devices and wide range of different Smart City services.

Learn How ESCRYPT Helps Secure Smart Cities Applications

We Design In Security from the beginning with our application security consulting and design professional services. We Enable Security with our embedded securty software toolkits and products used in IoT devices and sensors. And We Manage Security with our security solutions that incorporate cloud based [back end] security infrastructure for key and certificate management. Contact us or explore the complete range of embedded security products and solutions we have tailored specifically for Smart Cities applications.

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