IAA Commercial Vehicles

IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018: Protecting vehicle fleets against cyberattacks

This year, the commercial vehicle sector is meeting in Hannover from September 20 to 27 under the banner of “Driving tomorrow.” The sector is expecting digitalization, connectivity, and autonomous driving to deliver a quantum leap in efficiency and road safety. But from truck platooning to partly autonomous connected public transportation, all of today’s possibilities and tomorrow’s opportunities rely on effective IT security.

On display at the Bosch booth A01 in hall 16 is the IT-secured future of commercial vehicles. This is where the Bosch Group is presenting an IT-secured central gateway with ESCRYPT’s CycurIDS intrusion detection system as the centerpiece of a comprehensive security solution for entire vehicle fleets. CycurIDS monitors data transmissions across the vehicle network (CAN- and Ethernet-based) on the lookout for typical intrusion signatures and anomalies. Ideally, these are referred directly to a security operations center (SOC), which identifies acute threats in real time by cross-referencing its constantly growing database of attacks and then initiates the appropriate security updates for all vehicles in the fleet.

The major advantage of this integrated security solution is that it quickly detects cyberattacks on individual vehicles and new attack patterns, which serves to improve protection for the entire fleet.


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