Automobilwoche Konferenz 2018

Automobilwoche conference 2018: ESCRYPT presents its intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS)

The main theme of the Automobilwoche conference in Munich on March 13, 2018 is the digital transformation of the car industry – under the slogan Big Data, Car Data. ESCRYPT therefore chose this event as the ideal time to present its Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) to a wide audience of top auto-industry executives.


The ESCRYPT solution for the detection and prevention of cyberattacks on individual vehicles and entire vehicle fleets consists of a closed cycle of multiple, interacting security components. Known attacks are blocked by the CycurGATE automotive firewall, while the CycurIDS detection software logs suspect anomalies in the vehicle’s communication system and the CycurGUARD big data analysis tool evaluates aggregated data from the entire fleet, if necessary triggering an alert that security updates need to be installed in the vehicles of the fleet.


The digital transformation and growing vehicle connectivity call for smart security solutions capable of responding rapidly to new threats and reliably protecting connected vehicles at all stages of their lifecycle. Visitors to the 2018 Automobilwoche conference at the Hilton Munich Airport hotel will have an opportunity to see at firsthand how the automotive industry is gearing up to face these future challenges.



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