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Automotive crypto library provides IT security in resource-constrained electrical system

Cryptographic libraries provide the algorithms, formats, and encryption protocols for secure onboard communication among other things. Such libraries have to cater to a wide range of different use cases without placing too high a demand on the limited storage capacities or significantly reducing the network transmission rates.

With ESCRYPT’s automotive crypto library CycurLIB, algorithms can be configured to provide either a speed-optimized solution or a storage-optimized solution. Alternatively, they can be customized to offer an appropriate balance between speed and memory requirements. And, thanks to its modular design, CycurLIB implements only the specific algorithms that are required for a given use case.

Agile processes were used to develop the crypto library in accordance with ASPICE. This quality-assured, customer-oriented approach to software engineering enables a quick response to new automotive-specific requirements. Compliance with MISRA standards moreover ensures the software delivers high levels of reliability and serviceability. CycurLIB is also platform-independent and its configuration system is compatible with AUTOSAR, which makes it easy to integrate the cryptographic library into existing vehicle software environments—ultimately saving development time and costs.

The advantages of crypto libraries over freeware ones

There are a large number of cryptographic libraries freely available as open source solutions. From a purely technical standpoint, it’s perfectly possible to use such freeware libraries in the vehicle. However, unlike fee-based automotive-specific crypto libraries, freeware libraries force users to make certain concessions: several require users to make their own code freely available when integrating the library (Copyleft). What’s more, such open source solutions often lack reliable support, and providers are not informed as regards the platforms and environments on and in which their libraries are used.

But the main point is that freeware crypto libraries have not been specially developed for use in vehicles. Automotive crypto libraries are geared towards specific requirements, such as resource-limited onboard communication, and guarantee competent support and software development that has been through quality controls.


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