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ESCRYPT honored as “Innovator 2018”

Renowned German publishing house brand eins has released its annual ranking of the most innovative German companies, and ESCRYPT was among the top performers. Based in Bochum, Germany, the provider of IoT security solutions took a top spot among SMEs in the “Technology and Telecommunication” category, earning the accolade “Innovator of the Year 2018.”

In collaboration with market research platform Statista, the magazine brand eins Thema gathered the opinions of more than 25,000 experts. Guided by specific selection criteria, representatives of previous winners, experts from the Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) in Berlin, and executives with many years of industry experience were asked to name innovation leaders from a pool of over 3,400 companies.

Frequently receiving an above-average number of recommendations, ESCRYPT not only earned three out of a possible four stars, but did so in all three predefined innovation areas: products & services, process innovations, and corporate culture. “We are thrilled to have received this honor,” says ESCRYPT managing director Thomas Wollinger. He went on to say that what makes this award so special is being chosen by the market ESCRYPT serves. “This is our incentive, more than ever before, to make innovation the driving force of our company.”


For more information (in German) on the ranking of the most innovative German companies, visit


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