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Car 2 Car Forum: Shape the V2X future

Connected driving is one of the mobility issues of the future, which is why the Car 2 Car Communication Consortium has already begun to develop suitable standards for the V2X communication of tomorrow. As a member of the security working group, ESCRYPT is actively involved in the design of future V2X security.

Among other things, a topical issue in the working group is the protection of personal data in V2X communication. Here it is important to strike a balance between security and practicability and the effort expended in countering possible attacks. Frequent changes in pseudonym certificates, for example, makes it more difficult for attackers to build up a movement profile of the vehicles. However, if the pseudonym IDs of the vehicles are changed too quickly, this can affect the functionality of the V2X applications. Besides, it may become necessary to frequently contact the central public key infrastructure (PKI).

Also under review at the moment is the security certification scheme, as ultimately only a proper certification scheme can ensure trustworthy communication between the various V2X participants.

The latest results from the various working groups will be presented at the Car 2 Car Forum on November 28 and 29 in Braunschweig. ESCRYPT will be there, armed with the latest information on V2X security. We are looking forward to a stimulating exchange of views.

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