Car Symposium Talk

CAR-Symposium 2019: Uncomfortable truths about Automotive Cyber Security

On February 6th, automotive industry’s top executives will gather at the CAR-Symposium in Bochum on the main subject of “electric mobility”. Automotive cyber security will once again play an important role. Dr. Uwe Müller, business unit manager Cyber Security Solutions and within the Bosch Group responsible for ESCRYPT, will show in his talk how car manufacturers have to realign their thinking and acting along “7 uncomfortable truths about Automotive Cyber Security”.

Why are OEMs that are neglecting automotive security facing Titanic’s fate? What role will automated bots and artificial intelligence play in vehicle protection? Why is 100% security not an option? And to what extent is IT security in the vehicle also a social mission?

Dr. Uwe Müller will point out the facts and provide answers – in his talk “7 uncomfortable truths about Automotive Cyber Security” on February 6th from 11:50 in the InfoShop II.5 “Cybersecurity”, meeting room 3.


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