CES Las Vegas

CES 2018: Smart Mobility - Securely Connected

For anyone interested in seeing the technological trends for the upcoming years, there is no getting by CES in Las Vegas. ESCRYPT will be presenting new IT security solutions for smart mobility to the international expert community there from 9 to 12 January 2018.

The Internet of Things and smart mobility have been fixtures at CES for some time now. “Simply connected” is the motto at Stand 14018 in Central Hall, the exposition space of Germany’s leading technology corporation, Bosch. Because “simply connected” also means “securely connected” at all times, ESCRYPT will be demonstrating how the networked vehicles of today and the future can be protected against cyberattacks, manipulation and data theft.

V2X security solutions (CycurV2X, CycurV2X-SCMS) ensure the protection of real-time communication in the embedded systems of vehicles and traffic systems, as well as the security of the accompanying public key infrastructure. And they guarantee data protection. For example, rolling certificate management prevents a vehicle from generating movement profiles. Additionally, the ESCRYPT Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solution (IDPS), which consists of the attack detection system CycurIDS and forensic software for a high-performing cyber defense center in the backend, provides additional security against hacker attacks throughout the entire vehicle life cycle.


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