CES 2021

CES 2021: Securing V2X communications

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES®) 2021, Jan. 11-14, ESCRYPT Canada showcases cybersecurity, V2X security solutions as part of Ontario tech firm presence.

As connected driving continues to evolve, the need to secure the data exchanged between vehicles and surrounding entities, such as infrastructure, networks, other vehicles, etc. (V2X communication) becomes more critical. ESCRYPT is a leader in securing V2X communications through its embedded and backend security products and consulting, which are highlighted in ESCRYPT’s virtual booth at the CES® 2021.

Embedded V2X security

As one of the 25 companies from Ontario, Canada, attending the world’s most influential event for technologies in consumer electronics, ESCRYPT Canada is focusing on its V2X embedded security solutions, CycurV2X. The CycurV2X software development kit enables automakers, Tier 1 suppliers and manufacturers of roadside equipment to implement V2X security protocols in their automotive embedded systems. The solution supplies a robust V2X security solution that can be seamlessly expanded to provide comprehensive IT security functions at any point in vehicle development – from initial introductions to on-the-road operation.

Embedded system security expertise – beyond V2X

V2X communication isn’t the only area of expertise for ESCRYPT, the company secures automotive embedded systems through design, integration and testing solutions. When combined with the expertise of its parent company, ETAS, the company makes automotive embedded systems safe and secure.

ESCRYPT is looking forward to greeting visitors at the virtual booth at CES® beginning Monday, January 11, 2021. Learn more about the program and register now.


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