CICV 2019

CICV 2019: China’s path to the smart connected vehicle

China’s automotive industry seeks to apply innovative mindsets and actions to get into the fast lane. The 6th International Congress of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles (CICV) taking place in Beijing’s Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center from May 29 to 31 is an important platform for information sharing between R&D enterprises, academic institutes, and the industry. Hosted by the China Society of Automotive Engineers (China SAE) and Tsinghua University, among others, the congress is focusing this year on automated driving systems, key technologies of the future, and regulations for autonomous driving.

IT security is a key success factor for highly automated connected mobility and is therefore a key topic on the congress agenda. In his talk entitled “Establishing security foundations and achieving security targets through orchestration,” ESCRYPT Head of Sales Dr. Wolfgang Sienel will outline how automotive security requires not only technical solutions but also a permanent system of security management throughout the entire organization. He will be in Room E from 9:00 to 9:25 a.m. on May 31 to explain what exactly needs to be taken into account here.

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