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Current webinar recordings: AUTOSAR Security, IDPS, Chinese regulations, VSOC, and more

Recent ESCRYPT webinars are available anytime online as videos. Simply click on the links below and immerse yourself in the latest automotive cybersecurity topics.

VSOC – Cloud-based security monitoring of vehicle fleets

In the future, OEMs and fleet operators must protect their vehicle fleets against cyberattacks and unauthorized access throughout their lifecycles. Learn how a vehicle security operations center (VSOC) combines automated security incident & event management (SIEM) with manual analysis to track a fleet’s security status in real time and identify acute threats. – English, approx. 45 min

Watch the webinar 'VSOC – Cloud-based vehicle fleet security monitoring and response'

Distributed IDPS – A distributed system for the detection of and defense against attacks in vehicles

In the future, in-vehicle attack detection and defense will become a core element of continuous cyberrisk management. ESCRYPT experts explain how the specific cybersecurity challenges of distributed E/E architectures can be overcome in the process. – English, approx. 38 min

Watch the webinar 'Distributed IDPS – A distributed system for the detection of and defense against attacks in vehicles'

Chinese guidelines and standards for automotive security

The Chinese automotive market is currently developing its own set of regulations and standards for vehicle and fleet cybersecurity. Gain comprehensive insights into the emerging framework in this important market. – English, approx. 49 minutes

Watch the webinar 'Chinese guidelines and standards for automotive security'

IDPS – The immune system for connected vehicle fleets

How can the connected vehicle be protected not just against today’s threats and hacking strategies, but those of the future? ESCRYPT security experts explain how the in-vehicle intrusion detection system (IDS), vehicle security operations center (VSOC), and security-compliant software update management system (SUMS) combine to form a learning immune system for the connected vehicle fleet. – English, approx. 41 minutes

Watch the webinar 'IDPS – The immune system for connected vehicle fleets'

AUTOSAR for integrated vehicle protection

AUTOSAR has expanded its security portfolio and can be put to effective use in vehicles as part of a comprehensive automotive cybersecurity approach. Learn about the latest AUTOSAR security building blocks and how you can integrate them into your software development process. – English, approx. 43 minutes

Watch the webinar 'AUTOSAR for integrated vehicle protection'


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