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Current webinar recordings: Intrusion detection, fuzz testing, incident response, HSM, and more

Recent ESCRYPT webinars are available anytime online as videos. Simply click on the links below and immerse yourself in the latest automotive cybersecurity topics.

How to manage secure resource sharing on next-generation E/E architectures

For next-generation E/E architectures, microcontroller hypervisors offer attractive opportunities as integration platforms. However, an essential consideration is how to share hardware security modules (HSM) without compromising cybersecurity and performance requirements. Using a practical example, this webinar shows how to integrate an HSM into a microcontroller hypervisor system.
English, approx. 38 minutes

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How to build an automotive cybersecurity incident response team

The number of cybersecurity product vulnerabilities increases yearly, along with the risk of security incidents. For the automotive sector, with its complex supply chains and numerous components, this presents a particular challenge. In this webinar, you will learn how to build a mature Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) using the PSIRT Services Frameworks from FIRST.
English, approx. 49 minutes

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Automotive fuzzing – Unmasking hidden security risks

Automotive software developers know how their systems react to valid inputs. But what happens if atypical or invalid inputs are given? Fuzzing is a powerful testing technique for checking the robustness of tested systems and unmasking hidden security risks in automotive systems.
English, approx. 23 minutes

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Future trends in HSM-driven automotive cybersecurity

Today, Hardware Security Modules (HSM) are necessary for strengthening embedded systems against attacks and protecting their integrity and authenticity. ESCRYPT colleagues Rohan Pandit and Suraj Ramachandrappa provide insights into future market trends and requirements with regards to HSM in next-generation vehicle E/E architectures.
English, approx. 32 minutes

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From in-vehicle intrusion detection to responsive attack prevention

An in-vehicle intrusion detection system (IDS) will be a core element of lasting cyberrisk management and thus is becoming a prerequisite for type approval. In the future, IDS systems will also be required to support preventive actions to address attacks within a short time frame. Learn how various prevention techniques can be combined with IDS sensors, and how automotive firewalls in particular can be utilized to enable in-vehicle intrusion prevention.
English, approx. 47 minutes

Watch the webinar 'From in-vehicle intrusion detection to responsive attack prevention'


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