CycurHSM CCC Digital Key

CycurHSM supports cybersecurity for CCC Digital Key

ESCRYPT’s CycurHSM security firmware supports the Car Connectivity Consortium® (CCC) Digital Key specification. It encapsulates the requisite cybersecurity functions to permit the secure and authenticated unlocking, locking, starting, or sharing of vehicles by smartphone.

For releases 2.0 and 3.0 of the CCC Digital Key specification, CycurHSM – ESCRYPT’s automotive security stack for microchips with an integrated hardware security module – now provides all the required in-vehicle security functions. The HSM firmware thus helps protect wireless vehicle-smartphone communication using near-field communication (NFC), Bluetooth, and ultra-wideband communication (UWB).

In fact, the CCC specifications cover all of the system’s superordinate interfaces and protocols – from the public key infrastructure and the smartphone to the vehicle ECU. When it comes to the details of the software architecture within each component, however, automotive manufacturers implement their own specific solutions. CycurHSM allows the generation, secure storage, management, and use of cryptographic keys for the CCC Digital Key protocols to be encapsulated in the HSM core. In conjunction with the application on the host core, this enables secure “owner pairing” and encrypted data exchange with mobile devices.

ESCRYPT is already implementing its security solution for a leading automotive manufacturer’s CCC Digital Key application. Its clearly defined interfaces make CycurHSM easily adaptable to suit to any OEM-specific solutions.


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