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ESCRYPT expands security portfolio: Trusted partner in the Internet of Things

In future, IT security for the Internet of Things will require a holistic approach. Because IoT applications are increasingly interconnected. This calls for lifecycle management and organizational integration alongside embedded security solutions. That is why ESCRYPT has strategically expanded its IT security portfolio to encompass smart mobility, smart industry, and smart city.

ESCRYPT is one of the pioneers in IT security for embedded systems and the leading player in automotive security. As a member of the Bosch Group, it has also been backing a holistic approach to security in the Internet of Things for some time now. New IoT applications – connected driving, smart city supply networks, and industry 4.0 production facilities, for instance – are highly connected and vulnerable to attack. This calls for holistic security concepts that encompass the whole chain of embedded systems, infrastructure, lifecycle, security organization, and security processes.

In light of these developments, ESCRYPT is expanding the security portfolio it offers its customers to include backend services that parent company Bosch has used for many years now to successfully provide cyber security solutions in workplaces and production facilities worldwide – the CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team), SIEM (Security Incident & Event Management), vulnerability management and pen testing, malware and protection services, Cyber Defense Center, and PSIRT (Product Security Incident & Response Team).

They are a valuable addition to the portfolio for ESCRYPT and its customers, as General Manager Dr. Thomas Wollinger explains: “We’re on the cusp of a second digital revolution. Embedded security on its own isn’t going to cut it. What we need are holistic solu-tions and units to keep up the constant race against the hackers of this world, resulting in a powerful security organization and robust security processes.”

The company sees itself as a trusted partner whose goal is to provide full and permanent protection for its customers’ business models in the connected world of the IoT. Customers’ core business revolves around mobility, the operation of municipal supply networks, or industrial manufacturing – but not IT security. “That’s why we want to be able to offer our customers all the security services and solutions they need from a single source,” says Wollinger. As such, the expansion of the ESCRYPT portfolio is only logical, he says, providing the foundation for the best possible cyber defense and efficient security management in the Internet of Things.


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