Escrypt at CES

#LikeAnESCRYPT: Automotive security at CES 2019

All eyes were on future mobility at the CES consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. Bosch presented its new concept shuttle featuring ESCRYPT components that provide IT security for the keyless access systems, data connectivity with the outside word, and the software updates.

CES also saw Bosch launch its new IoT image campaign #LikeABosch with a music video that went viral on YouTube, quickly clocking up views in the seven-figure range. Shawn Ryan, the hip protagonist from the video passed by the ESCRYPT booth at CES to check out the security landscape on display there.

Shawn Ryan at ESCRYPTUsing iPads and augmented reality, ESCRYPT brought to life how automotive security is factored into vehicle development and manufacture right from the start, and how it is consolidated over the entire vehicle life cycle, all the way to the backend. Establishing a comprehensive automotive security ecosystem of connected vehicles begins during the production process and continues with coordinated security mechanisms in the vehicle itself, up to and including the connected backend systems and mobility services.

Get a glimpse into the world of ESCRYPT at CES here.


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