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Intrusion detection and prevention news at ETAS Connections 2017

With greater connectivity in vehicles, the risk of cyberattacks is increasing. New opportunities are opening up for hackers, whose methods are becoming more and more sophisticated with time. A continuously effective intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS) is therefore indispensable for a modern vehicle fleet.

It makes sense that such a system includes security mechanisms that protect the vehicle through its entire life cycle. Firstly, it necessitates an embedded security component that reliably detects typical attack signatures such as cyclic message anomalies and the misuse of diagnostic requirements. Secondly, a connected cyber defense center in the backend is necessary, which evaluates IDPS notifications, identifies new attack trends and the causes behind security incidents, defines countermeasures, and initiates their distribution to the vehicle fleet.  

ESCRYPT will provide insights into its pioneering solution for effective and sustainable intrusion detection and protection system for connected vehicles and vehicle fleets at ETAS Connections 2017 to be held on November 27 in Böblingen.


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