Bosch Connected World

IoT security by ESCRYPT at Bosch ConnectedWorld 2018

The Internet of Things needs comprehensive IoT security. At Bosch ConnectedWorld, to be held at the STATION-Berlin on February 21-22, ESCRYPT will highlight its role as a pioneer – for instance in the LoRaWAN low-energy network standard, a rapidly developing technology that enables IoT devices and smart-city applications to be networked economically. Protecting a network like this calls for an intelligent key management solution (KMS). ESCRYPT’s LoRaWAN-KMS provides a full, turnkey security solution for a secure key store and end-to-end encryption for network access and application servers.

In addition, ESCRYPT will show how future data exchange between connected vehicles and traffic infrastructure can be efficiently protected using V2X security. These types of critical smart-city or smart-mobility applications also require permanent backend security. With its ongoing monitoring, the ESCRYPT Cyber Defense Center (CDC) ensures that any cyberattacks are analyzed and can be responded to quickly so that IoT applications are protected throughout their lifetime. At Bosch ConnectedWorld 2018, we will show how all of these things ideally complement each other.


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