Incident Response Service

Incident Response Service: Rapid assistance against cyberattacks

To deal with the growing number of cyber threats, ESCRYPT now offers an Incident Response Service for the DACH region. In the event of an attack on IT systems, the incident response team helps companies and institutions to ward off the threat and limit the damage.

The number of cyberattacks on companies, public institutions, and critical infrastructure is constantly increasing. At the same time, the techniques used in such attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated. Malware, ransomware attacks, and data spying often cause significant economic damage and lead to operational downtimes, a damaged reputation, or even existential threats.

That’s why ESCRYPT now offers Incident Response as a Service (IRaaS). The rapid response team aims to mitigate the consequences of attacks that have already occurred and to make the IT at the affected companies and institutions more resilient for the future.

Damage limitation and prevention

ESCRYPT’s IRaaS team takes immediate emergency measures in the event of an attack, clarifies the IT security incident, and eliminates the threat. ESCRYPT security experts also help to effectively prevent future attacks – with strategic advice and readiness checks for incident response, workshops, and staff training.

“Once cyberattackers have penetrated systems, a quick and calculated response often makes it possible to prevent something worse from happening,” says Sven Püschel, Service Owner IRaaS at ESCRYPT. “But it is just as important to learn from such situations and ensure that one’s own IT infrastructure is prepared for future attacks.”

You can find more information on ESCRYPT’s Incident Response Service here.


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