ITS America 2018: ESCRYPT secures innovative Bosch V2X solutions

Visitors to ITS America 2018 will be able to experience the future of mobility on the streets of downtown Detroit. In a live demonstration, the Bosch Group will show how communication between vehicles and infrastructure will soon be making road traffic safer. Bosch’s security brand ESCRYPT will ensure that the new technology is protected against unauthorized access, insuring that the benefits of V2X can be realized.

At the annual gathering of the Intelligent Transportation Society of America, which this year is being held in Detroit from June 4 to 7, Bosch’s Connected Mobility Solutions division will present the latest developments in the field of vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication. These include a left-turn assist feature, which warns the driver in good time of oncoming traffic, and a red-light warning for traffic lights. Bosch will also use a section of road in downtown Detroit that has been specially equipped with the necessary infrastructure to give a live demonstration of sensor-based recognition of pedestrians and cyclists, including automatic braking assistance for avoiding accidents.

It is absolutely essential to ensure that instantaneous data exchange between vehicles and transportation infrastructure is effectively protected against cyberattacks. To this end, the Bosch Group’s automotive security provider ESCRYPT has provided high-performance V2X security software for the V2X connectivity control unit on board each of the demonstration vehicles. In addition, ESCRYPT has fitted the cameras, roadside equipment, and dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) equipment at two intersections in downtown Detroit with the necessary security technology.

Security for V2X communication operates on two levels. First, using the CycurV2X software development kit, the necessary security protocols are implemented in the embedded systems on board the vehicles and in the roadside equipment. Second, ESCRYPT’s CycurV2X-SCMS also supplies the requisite backend components for setting up a security credential management system (SCMS) to effectively and securely manage the certificates needed for secure V2X communication throughout the application life cycle.

Both of these security solutions comply with North American and European standards. They also feature by design the high performance and scalability necessary to support the permanent exchange of authenticated messages between millions and millions of vehicles and sets of roadside equipment. “What Bosch and ESCRYPT are demonstrating in Detroit showcases the prospects that connected driving holds out for the future,” explains ESCRYPT product manager Pino Porciello. “But the only way we can realize the promise of increased driving and traffic safety is by ensuring that V2X communication is reliably safeguarded against misuse, and manipulation."


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