Orchestration Ludwigsburg

Automotive Electronics Congress: Centralized security management calls for conductor qualities

How must automakers establish and coordinate a security concept that will allow them to master the future challenges of IT security? In his presentation at the 22nd Congress Automotive Electronics, Friedhelm Pickhard, CEO of ESCRYPT’s parent company ETAS provided the answer. Some 700 top executives and electronics managers from across the automotive industry gathered for the two-day event held in Ludwigsburg, Germany to learn about the latest ideas sweeping the sector.

And Friedhelm Pickhard definitely offered some new perspectives. He compared centralized security management with being a conductor, whose job is it to build and lead an orchestra. “Just as automakers already orchestrate the processes and requirements of their core business, in the future they will have to orchestrate automotive security. To do so, they will have to develop many different parameters belonging to three levels – technology, process, and organization – and coordinate them accordingly,” Pickhard said.

For him, what this means is clear: At the end of the day, the only way to master the security challenges posed by disruptive technologies is with a “complete ensemble” – built up step by step, developed holistically, and orchestrated for all stakeholders. Keeping pace with the developments that herald a future of digitalized cars calls for adequate security orchestration of the risks involved.

This is also the direction in which ESCRYPT is heading, positioning itself as a comprehensive security provider that is increasingly dovetailing embedded IT security solutions with consulting, backend services, and customer support. ESCRYPT demonstrated just this approach at its own booth at the Congress Automotive Electronics, presenting its solution for integrated intrusion detection and protection for vehicle fleets.


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