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A lot of families go out of town in the summer. But before they leave home, they naturally make sure that they close the windows and lock the doors. After all, everybody understands that you can use common sense to reduce the risk of burglary. It’s not that simple, however, for automotive developers who want to safeguard vehicles against manipulation. Thanks to all its technical terms and technological quirks, embedded security is an enigma to many laypeople – making it remarkably challenging to identify the appropriate protection against people gaining unauthorized access.
ESCRYPT’s courses on security provide you with all the information you need to make well-informed decisions on embedded security. You will also benefit from ESCRYPT’s years of expertise in automotive cybersecurity. ESCRYPT uses clear practical examples and the latest research findings to ensure course participants truly understand the material.


Embedded security for vehicles

ESCRYPT designed the “Embedded security for vehicles” seminar series for decision-makers and developers who require the know-how for selecting and developing suitable cybersecurity solutions for vehicles.

Secure product design

It is important to rule out any security vulnerabilities during development so that they cannot arise at all. If you want to learn how to do this, simply attend ESCRYPT’s “Secure product design” course.

Security for connected embedded systems

Whether we consider the Internet of Things or connected vehicles, the increasing connectivity of embedded systems opens up new attack vectors and gateways. ESCRYPT’s “Security for connected embedded systems” course equips you with the skills you need to neutralize these threats. ESCRYPT and Bosch Software Innovations have teamed up to offer a course on security in the Internet of Things.


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