Podcast Automotive Cybersecurity Talk

Now as a podcast! Secure boot, Automotive Ethernet, standards and regulations

Listen to the latest on automotive security from ESCRYPT with our new 'Automotive Cybersecurity Talk' podcast. Learn more about new requirements and technological developments for all aspects of vehicle cybersecurity. The first three episodes are online for you now:

Secure Boot – What you need to know

Secure boot protects against possible manipulation of the ECU software. In this podcast episode, ESCRYPT security experts discuss what exactly secure boot is, how to implement it, who needs to be involved and when, and what it does in different situations. – 26 minutes

Secure Boot – What you need to know

The Ins and Outs of Automotive Ethernet

Complex vehicle functions and ADAS systems require greater bandwidth for the transmission of data. That’s why Automotive Ethernet is becoming increasingly important. Listen to the podcast to find out how this affects E/E architectures and why securing automotive Ethernet in the vehicle must be factored into the development process early on. – 34 minutes

The Ins and Outs of Automotive Ethernet

Cybersecurity Standards and Regulations

This podcast episode looks at the new global automotive security standards and regulations. Find out what OEMs and suppliers need to do to meet the requirements of ISO/SAE 21434, UNECE WP.29, and other regulations in the future. – 47 minutes

What you Need to Know About Cybersecurity Standards and Regulations


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