Car Symposium Orchestration

Cybersecurity orchestration: Overture at Car Symposium 2018

Automotive security is not just an issue of pressing urgency, it is also highly complex. This is because cybersecurity for the automotive world of both today and tomorrow goes well beyond the vehicle and its infrastructure. Accordingly, more is needed than just individual technical solutions. Effective IT security has to span the vehicle’s entire life cycle. And it must penetrate all of the processes and organizational units involved in security measures.

In short: automotive cybersecurity requires a holistic approach. And its implementation ultimately necessitates orchestration – a ”conductor” who creates and coordinates comprehensive security structures at the OEM and all stakeholders involved.

Under the term “cybersecurity orchestration”, ESCRYPT has created a novel approach: In accordance with its business guidelines, the OEM entrusts an external specialist with developing and directing its security processes and structures. This enables the OEM to concentrate on its core business while also meeting the automotive security level it seeks on schedule.

At the Car Symposium on 8 February 2018 in Bochum, ESCRYPT’s General Manager Dr. Thomas Wollinger will be shedding light on the corresponding details and illustrating how a holistic security approach becomes reality.


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