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From silicon to cloud-based key lifecycle management

Cypress and ESCRYPT partner to deliver complete end-to-end security for the LoRaWAN Ecosystem. For this Cypress has integrated their PSoC 6 LoRaWAN stack into ESCRYPT’s LoRaWAN Key Management System (KMS) to offer customers an end-to-end Secure LoRaWAN Solution.

BOSCH CONNECTED WORLD – Berlin Germany, February 21, 2018 – ESCRYPT today announced a partnership with Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NASDAQ: CY) to offer integrated secure solutions for PSoC 6 LoRaWAN devices.  Cypress’ PSoC 6® BLE microcontroller (MCU), the industry’s lowest power, most flexible dual-core MCU with built-in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless connectivity and hardware-based root-of-trust Secure Element functionality making it ideal for IoT applications.

The ESCRYPT LoRaWAN KMS is a cloud based security service for any LoRaWAN ecosystem large and small. It is used to securely provision and register LoRaWAN devices (i.e. based on PSoC 6) onto any LoRaWAN network. The ESCRYPT LoRaWAN KMS manages keys for all LoRaWAN components, devices, and backend network and application servers, so that only authorized users gain access to sensitive IoT data.

“Edge devices that use LoRaWAN technology need to be secure and protect the data that they generate and process,” said Jack Ogawa, senior director of marketing for the MCU Business Unit at Cypress. “PSoC 6 MCUs protect encryption keys and provide isolated execution environments for secure operations, and therefore can be the cornerstone for a secure LoRaWAN device that service providers can trust. Cypress and ESCRYPT together provide an end-to-end security solution, from silicon to cloud-based key management.”

Industrial and Smart Cities IoT applications must ensure that their devices are protected and their data is encrypted independently of the underlying network. LoRaWAN service providers must also be assured that only authorized devices can be used on their networks.

“Our vision for secure LoRaWAN includes a low power, feature rich MCU for IoT devices with a robust secure element.  PSoC 6 is perfect for secure IOT devices at a very BOM friendly cost” said Tony Rosati, ESCRYPT Director of IoT Security Solutions.

ESCRYPT is showcasing a demonstration of its LoRaWAN KMS over a live LoRaWAN Network with the following partners: Cypress Semiconductor: PSOC6; Onthinx: PSoC 6-based LoRaWAN Module and Application Sever dash board; Bosch XDK MEMs sensor Dev Kit; and Orbiwise Network Server. Come see the demo in booth D04.


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