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Transport Canada engages ESCRYPT to provide security infrastructure for connected vehicles

Transport Canada, the Canadian Ministry of Transport, has awarded a contract to ESCRYPT to advance the development of a Canadian security credential management system (SCMS) for connected vehicles. The contract is valued at 1.3 million Canadian dollars.

The Canadian government is making concerted efforts today to develop an innovative and future-ready transportation infrastructure for tomorrow. To this end, Transport Canada’s Advance Connectivity and Automation in the Transportation System (ACATS) program is helping Canadian jurisdictions prepare for the next generation of connected and automated vehicles.

Connected vehicles will improve the safety of road transportation by using vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology to communicate with smart infrastructure (e.g. traffic lights, signs, rail crossings) and other road users (e.g. pedestrians, cyclists). According to Transport Canada, initial applications may include connected traffic signals that give priority to emergency response vehicles, real-time information about potential hazards such as slippery surfaces, accidents, or construction, and warnings to advise commercial truck drivers about cyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists.

Cyber security guidelines for connected, automated mobility

The SCMS will help ensure that connected vehicle communications are secure and trustworthy. It incorporates privacy-by-design principles, and enables communication without revealing details about the vehicle or personal information about the driver. Under the contract, ESCRYPT will be responsible for defining Canada’s requirements for the system, and recommending an operational model for use of the technology in Canada. Outcomes of this work will be an important element of the ministry’s cyber-security guidance, a key feature of Canada’s future regulatory regime concerning the safety of automated and connected mobility.

“Connected and automated vehicle technologies have immense potential, and will have a tremendous impact on our transportation system,” says Canadian Minister of Transport Marc Garneau. “Connectivity between vehicles and their surroundings is a core element of these future innovations. We have to ensure that Canada has a system in place to enable these vehicles to communicate securely, while protecting the privacy of Canadians, so that Canadians can have confidence in the transportation system of tomorrow.”

ESCRYPT Canada’s President & General Manager David MacFarlane made the following comment: “Automakers, suppliers, and government organizations trust us to provide security technology and expertise for connected vehicles. We are proud to be selected by the Government of Canada to help set the direction for secure V2X communications in Canada.”

At its Waterloo research and development center in the Canadian province of Ontario, ESCRYPT places a strong focus on IT security for V2X communication. Against this backdrop, ESCRYPT offers an embedded security solution for V2X data exchange (CycurV2X) and security-relevant backend components for public key infrastructure (CycurV2X-SCMS).

Click here to read the official press release from Transport Canada.


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