V2X communication

Well-conceived V2X security

The future benefits to V2X communication are undisputed – enhanced driving and traffic safety, intelligent traffic control and shorter travel times, and the search for a parking space is child’s play. Essential precondition: real-time communication vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and between vehicle and infrastructure (V2I) must be reliably shielded against abuse, manipulation and data spying.

V2X communication needs to be secured on two levels: On the one hand: in the embedded systems themselves, the vehicle control units and electronic control of traffic systems. On the other hand: via a backend that effectively and securely manages the enormous number of certificates required for secure V2X communication.

ESCRYPT provides complementary solutions that span both these levels. The CycurV2X software development kit enables automakers, tier 1 suppliers and traffic system manufacturers to implement V2X security protocols in their embedded systems and seal off infrastructure interfaces via a simple API. Particular advantage: V2X security can at any time be progressively upgraded in the system right up to actual operation with comprehensive IT security functions. Data integrity and data security go hand-in-hand here. V2X messages are reliably authenticated at all times to ensure that only authorized vehicles and traffic systems are involved in communication. Additionally, the privacy of vehicle users is safeguarded: road users cannot be tracked via movement data. This is because CycurV2X always has a stack of synchronous valid certificates available with rolling replacement while driving. After just a few minutes, the currently active certificate is replaced with a new one.

Moreover, ESCRYPT supplies backend security-relevant components for the public key infrastructure: CycurV2X-SCMS facilitates the setup of a comprehensive platform for supplying and blocking certificates for vehicles and traffic systems. Important note: both of the CycurV2X solutions comply with North American and European standards. The scalability they already offer today permits them to manage the permanent exchange of authenticated messages between millions upon millions of vehicles and traffic systems.

However, the V2X security system isn’t just set to be the largest public key infrastructure in the world. It will also need to provide room for various actors. That is why the security design in the ESCRYPT solutions is based on a distributed architecture with separate roles. This enables automotive manufacturers and managers of intelligent transport systems (ITS) to work independently of each other in one system based on a single trust anchor. Meanwhile, data protection and anonymity for road users remain guaranteed at all times.

The CycurV2X solutions for secure vehicle communication have already proven their practical viability in multiple ITS pilot projects. For example, ESCRYPT supports various reference projects for vehicle networking in North America in conjunction with the Crash Avoidance Metrics Partnership (CAMP) and the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and also supplies the public key infrastructure for secure V2X communication for the transborder “Cooperative ITS Corridor” in Europe. Connected driving has moved way beyond just a model for the future.. Thanks to intelligently-linked IT security solutions, it is well on the path to becoming an everyday reality.


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