VDA Congress in Berlin: orchestrating automotive security

The 21st Technical Congress hosted by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) is dedicated to the “future of mobility.” On March 14 and 15, participants from the auto industry, science, and politics will gather at the ESTREL Hotel & Congress Center in Berlin to discuss connectivity and automation, eco-friendly drives, and safety and security on the road. All these topics are fundamentally underpinned by IT security for connected vehicles. The VDA Congress will dedicate an entire session to the topic of cyber security. This session will take place at 1:40 p.m. on the first day and will be opened by Dr. Moritz Minzlaff, Senior Technology & Organization Manager at ESCRYPT. The title of his presentation will be “The Art of Cyber Security Orchestration.”

Dr. Minzlaff will present his audience with a new approach to automotive IT security: Just as today’s OEMs orchestrate their vehicle platforms, in the future they must also orchestrate their IT security. Central security management is the conductor, setting the tempo for the implementation and operation of the necessary IT security measures across all areas. Cyber security orchestration is the process of conducting internal and external security stakeholders, harmonizing their collaboration, and developing the ensemble line-up to the OEM’s “security score.” For today’s only partially connected vehicle functions, a small “chamber orchestra” might suffice. But the security challenges of the automotive future will ultimately be mastered only with a full “symphony orchestra.”

You can register for the 21st VDA Technical Congress on March 14 and 15 here.


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