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Watch webinars now – UNECE-compliant security, SUMS, V2X bootstrapping, and much more

All ESCRYPT automotive cybersecurity webinars from the first half of 2021 are available to you anytime online as videos. Simply click on the links below, register, and immerse yourself in any of the latest topics.

The impact of SUMS on OEMs and suppliers

Soon, a certified software update management system (SUMS) will be a prerequisite for type approval of new vehicles. Learn how to prepare for UN R156 and ISO 24089 and organize the delivery of OTA updates according to requirements. –approx. 45 min

Recorded webinar ‘The impact of SUMS on OEMs and suppliers

With AUTOSAR to UNECE-compliant cybersecurity

The new UNECE regulations require proof that a vehicle type is appropriately protected against cyberattacks. This webinar shows the extent to which you can use AUTOSAR’s existing security potential to achieve UNECE-compliant automotive cybersecurity. – approx. 50 min

Recorded webinar ‘With AUTOSAR to UNECE-compliant cybersecurity

How to bootstrap end entity V2X devices

How can V2X entity registration and enrollment be made cost-effective without compromising cybersecurity and compliance with global standards? This webinar provides answers and explains secure, efficient bootstrapping of V2X onboard and roadside units. – approx. 45 min.

Recorded webinar ‘How to bootstrap end entity V2X devices

Cybersecurity supplier governance with PROOF

Regulations such as UN R155 require cybersecurity management systems (CSMS) that take into account the dependencies of contracted suppliers and service providers. ESCRYPT, KPMG, and Alyne show you how to ensure effective cybersecurity supplier governance using the Product Security Organization Framework PROOF. – approx. 45 min.

Recorded webinar ‘Cybersecurity supplier governance with PROOF

Intrusion detection for Ethernet-based E/E architecture

Highly connected and automated vehicles require newE/E architectures that increasingly rely on automotive Ethernet. Learn more about effective intrusion detection and monitoring of electrical system communications under the increased requirements of such Ethernet-based E/E architectures. –approx. 45 min.

Recorded webinar ‘Intrusion detection for Ethernet based E/E architecture

Post-quantum cryptography in automotive

Security expert Dr. Efstathia Katsigianni provides an overview of the current state of development in post-quantum cryptography and explains what ramifications the development of quantum computers will have for the IT security of vehicle systems. – approx. 45 min.

Recorded webinar ‘Post-quantum cryptography in automotive


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