AUTOSAR for holistic vehicle protection

Streamed on 17 Jun 2020
Dr. Michael Peter Schneider, Project Manager AUTOSAR Security

Vehicle development – and ECU development in particular – has undergone tremendous changes in recent years, especially concerning emergent mobility topics. In this context, AUTOSAR has also extended its security portfolio by more and more components. Securing an ECU and a complete vehicle, however, demands a holistic approach. Hence, a correct configuration of the AUTOSAR security modules is mandatory, but additional technologies are essential for a secure vehicle.

This webinar will give an overview of the security mechanisms included in the latest AUTOSAR releases. Using the example of Secure Onboard Communication (SecOC), our experts will show how the AUTOSAR security modules should be integrated into the Software Engineering Process (SEP). In addition, you will learn which measures are required beyond the AUTOSAR specifications, in order to secure the vehicle network holistically. Finally, there will be an insight into the current activities of the AUTOSAR consortium, where parts of a distributed Intrusion Detection System(IDS) are currently being standardized.


A brief history of E/E architecture and automotive security
Overview of the AUTOSAR Security Modules
SecOC case study: How to integrate AUTOSAR security building blocks into the SEP
Beyond AUTOSAR: Further essential measures for holistic vehicle protection
Outlook: Intrusion Detection System in AUTOSAR

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