How to deploy network based intrusion detection systems in vehicles

Streamed on 01 Sep 2020
Dr. Jan Holle, Lead Product Manager IDPS

Cyber threats are constantly evolving. Systems that are considered secure today can be vulnerable to attack tomorrow. Recent examples have shown that vehicle manufacturers must take precautions. The long service life of modern cars demands that action also be taken to avert potential, as yet unknown threats.

New regulatory requirements, e.g. by UNECE WP.29 and ISO/SAE 21434 underline the importance of appropriate cybersecurity measures. In the near future, automobile manufacturers will have to take measures to detect security incidents on vehicles in the field, to ensure effective defense against cyber attacks and to enable rapid roll-out of countermeasures on vehicle fleets. Intrusion detection and data traffic monitoring become more and more important.

In this webinar recording we will share with you our experiences in deploying network based intrusion detection systems (IDS) in vehicles. We discuss todays network IDS approaches, and in particular the benefits of a rule-based IDS and how to integrate such a system in the vehicle architecture.


Overview on IDS approaches and benefits of a rule-based IDS
The importance of tooling for IDS configuration
How IDS can support during vehicle validation
Network IDS and AUTOSAR
Benefits of CycurIDS
Continuous protection: How to secure an Ethernet-based E/E architecture

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