Embedded intrusion detection and lasting protection for connected vehicles

As vehicle connectivity increases, new gateways are opening up for hacker attacks. Preventing such attacks, or at least detecting them in time to initiate countermeasures, is imperative for the effective protection of today’s vehicles.

With its CycurIDS intrusion detection system, ESCRYPT is offering a solution that is tailored-made for vehicle electronics and connectivity.


An immune system for vehicles

CycurIDS is an embedded security component that detects anomalies and typical intrusion signatures, such as cyclical messages and the abuse of diagnostic requirements.

The calibration of CycurIDS is based on manufacturer-specific configuration data (DBC/ARXML) for vehicle CAN networks. This configuration is optimized and validated by running a simulation based on the recorded network traffic and through automated analysis of detection and error rates. The result is a high detection rate coupled with a low number of false alarms.


Security guard for electrical system communications

  • Easy to integrate: CycurIDS can be seamlessly integrated into today’s ECUs.
  • Legally sound:CycurIDS helps fulfill future legal and regulatory requirements for data security in vehicles.
  • Cost-effective:Using CycurIDS avoids costly recalls and warranty claims.
  • Flexible:CycurIDS can be used on all standard embedded platforms.
  • Future-proof:CycurIDS creates the conditions for focused and efficient development of security concepts.
  • Promotes trust:Effective intrusion and data protection strengthens trust and credibility among customers.

Security strategy for the entire vehicle life cycle

Integrated intrusion detection and protection

Intrusion detection and protection calls for continuously effective, comprehensive security mechanisms. To this end, the CycurGATE embedded firewall protects vehicle ECUs and networks against all known attack patterns. In addition, ESCRYPT offers a cyber defense center backend: CycurGUARD. This evaluates notifications from IDS components, detects new attack trends, helps determine the causes of security incidents, and defines countermeasures for distribution throughout the vehicle fleet.



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