Vehicle access and key sharing solution

Modern vehicles use a variety of key-based access control methods to restrict use of the vehicle to authorized persons only. These keys are normally either a physical object, or a static piece of secret knowledge such as a PIN code, or newer server-based key sharing via a smartphone. Each of these methods have several disadvantages including significant security issues.

CycurACCESS is a smartphone based digital key sharing solution for vehicle access with the ability to share access by way of permissions. It removes the need for physical keys and key fobs and does not require network connectivity for the smartphone or the vehicle in order to access, thus eliminating the potential for being stranded in remote locations or in areas with no cellular or data network coverage.


Secure vehicle access with your smartphone

Advanced cryptographic operations based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) are used to provide a high level of security and the solution architecture reduces the threat posed by man-In-the-middle type of security attacks. All digital identities for vehicle access are generated by ESCRYPT’s Key Management Server (KMS). The KMS manages identities and permissions for third party vehicle access and sharing. The KMS also manages vehicle ownership registration and transfers through the lifecycle of the vehicle. Vehicle access by the CycurACCESS mobile app is completely offline and does not require the use of the secure infrastructure. The mobile app securely stores digital identities for offline vehicle access and is also used to send key sharing invitations and sharing permissions to friends.

Accessing and sharing your vehicle has never been so convenient and easy

  • ReliabilityDoes not require network or data connectivity for vehicle access.
  • SecurePrevents Man-In-the-Middle attacks and allows for car access without the need to open a specific application on the phone.
  • Ease of useSimple smartphone app to manage permissions allowing for dynamic vehicle sharing with restrictions on time, revocation of rights, and lifecycle identify management.
  • Fast accessJust tap on the car door when using NFC or have the Smartphone in range when using Bluetooth.
  • CustomizableEnable vehicle personalization, remote start, and other value added services into the same application.
  • Fleet managementShow what vehicles are available in a geographic area, allow registered users to book vehicles, and allow operators to monitor their fleet usage and activity.

Intrusion detection and
prevention for vehicles


Reliable protection against cyber attacks on vehicles in the field provides ESCRYPT’s Intrusion detection and prevention solution. The solution is based on detection of potential network-level attacks. – For every single car and your entire fleet.

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