Powerful security software for your ECU

Modern vehicles are increasingly equipped with internet connectivity, which in turn is making vehicle IT systems more vulnerable to attacks. These systems must be protected against unauthorized access by intruders who may attempt to manipulate the ECU software (e.g. tuning) or manipulate the vehicle’s anti-theft mechanism (immobilizer). There is also a risk that criminals could misuse the internet connection of the vehicle to access the in-vehicle communication system and carry out targeted manipulation of the vehicle’s behavior.

ESCRYPT’s CycurHSM product is an innovative and flexible HSM security firmware that ensures secure boot of the ECU, secure in-vehicle communication, ECU component protection and secure flashing.

Watch now the webinar recordings  "Future trends in HSM driven automotive cybersecurity" and "Protecting your firmware authenticity with CycurHSM" or download the Whitepaper "Implementing chains of trust with CycurHSM".


Cryptographic and certificate features
Basic cryptographic services (AES, CMAC, Hashing, Key Derivation, TRNG, PRNG)
Chinese algorithms
RSA (Digital Signature Algorithm)
Key exchange protocols (Diffie-Hellmann)
Certificate support (authenticity, parsing)
Field return analysis and HSM debugging
Fail-Safe HSM Update
Secure Host Flashing
Fail-Safe HSM Update
HSM Debug
HSM Dump
Secure Logging
HSM-controlled Secure Access (Challenge Response Protocol)
HSM core functionality and generic features
Secure storage of data and keys
Support for systems with large number of keys (> 100)
Component protection (SHE+ support)
EEPROM emulation to extend flash endurance
HSM RAM mode
Multi-core support
Preemptive, parallel job processing
HSM Lifecycle Mode
Secure Boot / Trusted Boot / Authenticated Boot and other boot modes
Trust Anchor based on signatures
Bank swap SOTA support
Memory Unlock (flash password protection)
Runtime manipulation detection
OEM specific features
Qualified OEM specific configurations including support for OEM specific protocols and functions

Maximum security for your ECUs

CycurHSM is a modular solution designed for security that provides extensive and customizable security mechanisms for a multitude of security applications via a large number of open, standardized interfaces. That makes CycurHSM a great choice for seamless integration in automotive ECUs and for OEM specific security cases. CycurHSM also supports ASIL-D for different safety use-cases.

The right security software for your HSM application

  • Fast: CycurHSM is based on a real-time operating system to ensure real-time HSM features

  • User friendly:CycurHSM can be easily and seamlessly integrated in automotive ECUs
  • Comprehensive:CycurHSM encapsulates all required security functions needed to satisfy all OEM automotive security requirements
  • Robust:CycurHSM is most proven in field in millions of cars worldwide
  • Top quality:CycurHSM has been developed to the highest quality standards (ASPICE, ISO 26262, ASIL D)
  • Secure: CycurHSM offers a powerful and versatile hardware/software co-design platform for customer-specific applications with high-performance cryptographic demands
  • Flexible:CycurHSM can be configured to meet your specific needs
  • Complete:CycurHSM offers a complete security solution with continuous innovation and development of the product to offer the best-in-class implementations with no hidden costs

Plug-and-play integration of hardware security modules

Plug and play integration of hardware security modules

In addition to its CycurHSM firmware, ESCRYPT also offers a turnkey solution for plug-and-play integration of hardware security modules. This encompasses advice on which hardware security modules to choose and how to install and activate them securely.

Keihin automotive ECUs:
ESCRYPT cybersecurity included

Keihin, one of Japan’s leading automotive suppliers, relies on ESCRYPT’s CycurLIB crypto library and CycurHSM security firmware for the  security of its products. As part of a comprehensive license agreement, Keihin draws on ESCRYPT embedded security to protect such as battery management, gateway, power and engine control ECUs.

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