Secure management of cryptographic keys and certificates for embedded systems

All devices use centrally managed cryptographic keys and certificates as the basis for providing protection against hacker attacks and other types of intrusions.

ESCRYPT’s CycurKEYS security server is the perfect central key management system for embedded systems. It has been specially designed to meet the requirements of embedded systems in automotive technology, Industry 4.0, and smart homes.


The perfect security server for your PKI

CycurKEYS overcomes the weaknesses of traditional public-key infrastructure (PKI) solutions by targeting devices, not users, and by addressing long lifecycles. CycurKEYS provides mechanisms for both user management and key/certificate revocation. It also logs all actions securely for audits and forensic analysis.

Secure key server for your PKI

  • Easy integration: CycurKEYS offers a variety of interfaces, ensuring easy integration in your existing security environment
  • Versatile: CycurKEYS offers a multitude of applications that allow you to extend the PKI however and whenever you choose
  • Comprehensive:CycurKEYS supports all common cryptographic algorithms
  • Cost-efficient:CycurKEYS caters to the use of low-cost smart cards as well as powerful hardware security modules (HSMs)
  • Secure:a centralized security concept ensures that no safety-critical data leaves the HSM unencrypted
  • Flexible: CycurKEYS is available as either a software license or as software as a service (SaaS)
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Secure updates Over-The-Air

Updates Over-The-Air

Software updates via WLAN or cellular networks offer numerous benefits for vehicle manufacturers. They avoid the cost and effort of recalls and are no longer dependent on vehicle owners taking their vehicles to the garage at defined intervals. OTA updates also yield reliable logs of all software update activity.

ESCRYPT’s solution for secure over-the-air updates ensures these opportunities do not turn into risks by securing the complete update process.

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