Flexible TLS implementation with a small resource footprint

As connectivity increases, so too does the importance of transmitting confidential data securely. Transport Layer Security (TLS, also known as SSL) is a common, well-established solution in traditional IT environments, offering an effective means of securing the authentication, integrity, and confidentiality of connections.

ESCRYPT’s CycurTLS is a TLS and DTLS implementation for embedded systems that is designed to cater to their resource-constrained environment.

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Secure embedded data transmission

CycurTLS is an efficient and effective implementation of the TLS and DTLS protocols. CycurTLS is based on a modular design, so it can be optimized and geared to each user’s specific needs. Your product is secured using appropriate algorithms that represent the best match for your application.

TLS and DTLS for your embedded system

  • Simple:seamless integration in existing products
  • Frugal: CycurTLS has a very small resource footprint

  • Versatile:CycurTLS can be deployed on all embedded platforms
  • Top quality:CycurTLS meets the highest standards of quality and is compliant to MISRA-C:2012
  • Flexible:CycurTLS can be used with TCP, UDP and other transport protocols
  • Cost-efficient:a variety of licensing models are available for CycurTLS
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Secure V2X-communication

Secure V2X-communication

Embedded systems have very specific security requirements, especially in devices that may be operational for decades. ESCRYPT’s solution for secure M2M communication offers a fully automated process for secure communication between devices that takes into account the special requirements of embedded systems.

ISO 9001:2015