CycurV2X – Secure V2X communication SDK for vehicles and road side infrastructure

Secure communications from vehicle to vehicle (V2V) and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I), collectively known as “V2X”, is an emerging technology that can greatly enhance the safety and interactive capabilities of cars and roadside infrastructure.

V2X is built on an underlying infrastructure of secure, reliable, two-way authenticated messages among vehicles and roadside equipment using Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC).

ESCRYPT has been leading the effort in securing V2X communications. As technical security experts for several international V2X pilot projects, ESCRYPT has been helping to define the specifications around the Security Credentials Management System (SCMS), the security infrastructure behind V2X.

CycurV2X is an embedded software SDK implementation of the security services required to secure V2X communications.

Sichere Kommunikation zwischen Fahrzeugen

Secure V2X communication SDK

CycurV2X enables automotive OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, and roadside equipment manufacturers to quickly build and deliver robust, standards compliant V2X security solutions that are easy to integrate, deploy, and manage. It provides a complete, standards compliant embedded V2X security solution that encapsulates the North-American and European infrastructure interfaces behind a simple API allowing for faster integration and effective isolation of V2X host applications from future changes in the back-end protocols.

Complete set of security services required to implement secure V2X communications

  • Standards compliant Provides a compliant SCMS implementation adhering to North American and European standards.
  • Easy to integrate, deploy and manageEncapsulate all PKI backend and SCMS transactions so that the host V2X application does not have to handle those details

  • Faster time to market Simple API allowing for faster integration with the host V2X application
  • FlexibleEffective isolation of the host application from ongoing and future changes in the SCMS protocol
  • Reduced deployment riskFull implementation of all V2X security protocols and certificate management functions including production ready enrollment process and DCM (Device Configuration Manager)
  • RobustLeverages ESCRYPT’s extensive expertise in embedded security design

Security credential management system for V2X


CycurV2X is an embedded software SDK implementation of the security services required to secure V2X communications.

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