Security credentials management system for V2X
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ESCRYPT has been leading the effort in securing V2X communications. ESCRYPT have been the technical security experts in helping to define the specifications around for the Security Credentials Management System (SCMS), the security infrastructure behind V2X.

The SCMS, a specialized Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), is the critical element of the security and privacy for V2X. All communicating units (i.e. vehicles and roadside equipment) which are equipped with a V2X technology, have to be registered with the SCMS. Only units with valid security certificates and credentials are able to send authenticated messages that will be trusted by the receiving unit.

CycurV2X-PKI is a set of PKI backend infrastructure components that are used to provision (enroll), register, and manage the security services for V2X communications in vehicles and roadside units.

Security Credentials Management System for V2X
Secure communications from vehicle to vehicle

SCMS PKI infrastructure components

CycurV2X-PKI provides a complete, standards compliant credential management platform for V2X applications, including implementations of an Enrollment Certificate Authority (ECA), Pseudonym Certificate Authority (PCA), and Registration Authority (RA). ESCRYPT’s knowledge of the SCMS protocols, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) combine to give ESCRYPT a unique advantage in building ECA, PSA and RA systems that ITS managers and automotive manufacturers can integrate into their operations easily.

Production ready SCMS PKI infrastructure components for V2X

  • Standards compliantProvides a compliant SCMS implementation adhering to North American and European standards.
  • Easy to deploy and manageTurnkey service that scales seamlessly from small early-stage deployments to full-production support.

  • FlexibleAvailable as a hosted services or appliances for on-premises deployment.
  • High performanceComponents that can scale to manage millions of vehicles and road side equipment, and which supports rigorous automotive production requirements.
  • GlobalOne platform to issue and manage North American or European standard certificates.
  • RobustLeverages ESCRYPT’s extensive expertise in CA and PKI technologies.

CycurV2X – Secure V2X communication SDK for vehicles and road side infrastructure


CycurV2X is an embedded software SDK implementation of the security services required to secure V2X communications.

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