Secure V2X communication SDK for vehicles and roadside infrastructure

Secure communications from vehicle to vehicle (V2V) and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I), collectively known as “V2X”, is an emerging technology that can greatly enhance the safety and interactive capabilities of cars and roadside infrastructure.

V2X is built on an underlying infrastructure of secure, reliable, two-way authenticated messages among vehicles and roadside equipment.

ESCRYPT has been leading the effort in securing V2X communications. As technical security experts for several international V2X pilot projects, ESCRYPT has been helping to define the specifications around the Security Credentials Management System (SCMS) and Cooperative – Intelligent Transportation System Credential Management System (C-ITS CMS) the security infrastructure behind V2X.

CycurV2X-SDK is a software development kit (SDK) enabling secure communication of V2X applications. CycurV2X-SDK is responsible for verifying, signing , encrypting and decrypting messages in SCMS & ETSI C-ITS formats.

Sichere Kommunikation zwischen Fahrzeugen

The SDK manages the PKI communication and security management policies according to North American and European standards. Support for the Chinese standard is in progress. CycurV2X-SDK is air interface agnostic and supports both DSRC and C-V2X platforms.

CycurV2X-SDK embedded security stack runs on a variety of microprocessor architectures and it is POSIX-compliant. CycurV2X-SDK can be used in both vehicular onboard units and infrastructure roadside units. Compliance and interoperability have been field tested in multi-vendor environments and at industry testing events such as the OmniAir Plugtest and ITS CMS Plugtest.

Complete set of security services required to implement secure V2X communications

  • Easy to integrate, configure and manage
  • Performance optimized and scalable architecture to maximize system benefit
  • Faster time to market through a simple API
  • Customizable to respond to specific V2X use cases
  • Effective isolation of the host application from ongoing and future PKI changes
  • Reduced deployment risk through V2X consulting services
  • Robust via leveraging ESCRYPT’s in depth embedded security design and know-how
ISO 9001:2015