Production Key Server

    The secure key server for volume production
    Production Key Server

Product security is an important consideration in the manufacturing process, too. Products need to be equipped with certificates as trust anchors, device-specific keys for authentication, and key material to protect interfaces. Only then is it possible to implement further use cases – for example providing secure access to devices based on the appropriate certificates .

ESCRYPT’s Production Key Server (PKS) ensures that cryptographic material is securely implemented during device production. It enables corresponding end-of-line security testing and – if needed – subsequent product return analysis.

Production Key Server

Reliable, secure key transfer

ESCRYPT’s Production Key Server covers all the bases of a secure server. Any cryptographic material required during production is hosted within the production environment to ensure availability and low latency. The cryptographic material is additionally protected with a hardware security module. At the same time, usage of the material is limited in order to provide the necessary protection against attacks. Finally, the PKS is periodically synchronized with a key management back-end. This allows keys to be provided to the production environment and also enables central monitoring, logging, remote administration, and reconfiguration.

PKS for your production facility

  • Efficient: the PKS delivers high performance on a continuous basis and a secure supply of cryptographic material
  • Independent: the PKS works without a permanent back-end connection
  • Secure: hardware-protected, secure server for cryptographic keys
  • Tailor made: the PKS is specifically geared to the requirements of volume production
  • Reliable: the PKS solution offers outstanding reliability and is easy to maintain
  • Up to date: the PKS is regularly updated and maintained
  • Expandable: the PKS forms part of ESCRYPT’s comprehensive key management solution
  • Flexible: the PKS can be configured to meet your specific needs


Secure machine and device communication

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ESCRYPT’s solution for secure machine and device communication offers a fully automated process for secure M2M communication – even in cases where there was previously no contact between the devices.

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