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    Functional security testing

    "Are all my functional security requirements implemented correctly?"
    "How does a security function in my ECU react when it receives incorrect input?"
    "Are there differences in the behavior of my security function in integration, system, or composite testing?"

Test your security functions as early as possible, continuously and professionally.

Security mechanisms such as secure onboard communication, key management or flash data security ensure the security of functions and components in the vehicle. It is therefore important to test the integration of security mechanisms for correctness at an early stage of development.

ESCRYPT's security testing experts are very familiar with functional security testing of automotive systems. They verify the correct integration of your security functions in ECUs and ECU networks using predefined test cases.

ESCRYPT has already tested hundreds of ECUs and various security functions in numerous customer projects. Especially due to their deep security knowledge ESCRYPT's automotive security testing experts produce highly qualified results in failure analysis and test evaluation.

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