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    Threat analysis and risk assessment

    "What happens if hackers target my product?"

    "Where will they attack and what could happen?"

    "What protective measures should I take?"

Discover the vulnerable points of your IT product – before someone else does

You must first know precisely where the weaknesses of your system are before you can appropriately counteract and thwart attacks while avoiding unnecessary costs.

For this reason, it is well worth conducting a Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA) during the initial concept phase, as you can fix potential vulnerabilities before they arise. Moreover, the earlier such vulnerabilities are identified and corrected, the less time and money is required to do so. Applying security by design is considered a best-practice approach. Yet even if product development is further along or the product is already on the market, a threat analysis and risk assessment can always deliver important information regarding potential cybersecurity risks and provide valuable recommendations for action.

ESCRYPT conducts threat analyses and risk assessments for embedded products in the field and for products that are still in the design or development phase.

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